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When an offender has committed alcohol-related violations or crimes, they may be required to wear some sort of alcohol monitoring device. This allows them to be tracked through their daily life.


The technology that makes up the alcohol monitoring device will transmit different factors through the use of a bracelet. It lets it be known through body temperature if the client or offender has consumed alcohol.


GPS benefits those who have been released on bail

After a client has been released on bail, they can be outfitted with a GPS monitoring and tracking device. State-of-the-art sober link device shows the judge that the client is following the rules and guidelines that have been connected to their bail. Sometimes it can lower the amount of the bail and lets the client return to their normal life.

- Allows offenders to return to work

- Shows if it has been tampered with

- Measures curfew hours and detention

- May prevent client from committing

  further violations

- Bail may be reduced

- Shows changes in body temperature with

  alcohol consumption

- Proves that a client is staying sober

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Benefits of alcohol and GPS monitoring devices

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