Stuck in Jail....Call us for Bail!

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If you have been arrested and been sent to jail, give us a call 24/7.  By hiring our team of experts, you won't have to stay in jail too long since you'll have our help in posting your bail.


Your bail will be handled in an efficient manner, no matter if it is a large amount or a small amount. Our friendly service is also cost effective.


Assistance in a smooth court process

After you are bailed out of jail, you will still need to show up for your necessary court proceedings. You'll have our help in monitoring the system and making sure you know where you need to be and when you should arrive at the court.

- 24/7 availability

- Over 20 years combined experience

- Large bonds

- Small bonds

- Payments available (on approval of credit)

- Fast and friendly service

- Reliable work

- Monitoring service

If you need a bail bond, give us a call 24/7:  208-642-3200

Affordable bail bond services